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Hunter’s Pharmacy is proud to offer several pharmaceutical services to our Windsor customers. If you have questions about our customized services, please give us a call or visit our location on Tecumseh Road.

Medication Tapering

Many patients attempt to reduce their use of a given medication only to discover that cutting tablets in half or quarters causes unexpected withdrawal symptoms, which in turn limits their success. We have developed many liquid formulations of common medications and utilize a tapering protocol that provides a gradual reduction of the medication over time. This approach allows the body time to adjust to each reduction, with less withdrawal symptoms and better outcomes for the patient.

Compounded Over the Counter Remedies

In addition to compounding prescription medications, we also compound many over the counter medications for patients upon request. Many of our compounded remedies are formulations of discontinued products that are no longer commercially manufactured. These new formulations of old remedies are another way we provide individualized care for our patients.

Our OTC products have been well received by our patients:

  • Paul's Pox Potion: topical relief of itching and burning chicken pox.
  • Cold Sore Remedy: in a convenient lip balm to treat cold sores as soon as they start.
  • Hunter's Cough & Cold Capsules: safe for pregnant moms, older men with prostate problems, and people with high blood pressure.
  • PSAC: the 1 drop remedy for canker sore.
  • Customized Nutritional Capsules: for autism
  • Promethazine Topical Gel: for nausea
  • Ginger Pops: for nausea during pregnancy

Please note that some of our discontinued medications are available under a different name: Boil Ease and Rundle's Salve.

Compression Garments

Compression stockings promote good circulation and help alleviate leg fatigue. They are commonly used to support legs after varicose vein treatment and are recommended for long haul airplane flights to help prevent blood clot formation. Measurements can be taken by our certified fitter either at the store, or we can travel to the patient's location. Proper measurements ensure a custom fit for the patient.

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