Hormone Appointments

Scheduling Hormone Replacement Appointments

Inevitably, every man and woman over the age of 40 will experience a gradual decline of hormones as they age. In women, this decline in hormones can cause hot flashes/night sweats, impaired sleep, weight gain, and mood swings. Men can experience a decline in libido, muscle mass, stamina and mental clarity. A substantial improvement in quality of life can be achieved by supplementing with hormones, to replace what the body no longer produces.

Having worked with bio-identical hormones for over 20 years we have witnessed the roadblocks some patients have encountered attempting to access compounded hormones.

As such, we are excited to announce the addition of a new family medicine practice onsite, MedviewMD, which can provide prescriptions for bio-identical hormones. The MedviewMD 'Patient Studio' is staffed by Registered Practical Nurses (RPN's) with access to both Nurse Practitioners (NP's) and attending Physicians acquainted with the bio-identical hormones that Hunter’s Pharmacy can provide. Since the MedviewMD studio is located right in our pharmacy, getting access to bio-identical hormones is now easier than ever.

Through our collaboration with MedViewMD, prescriptions can be provided for bio-identical hormones based on recommendations from the compounding pharmacists at Hunter’s Pharmacy.

How to get started

  1. Book an appointment for an initial assessment with MedviewMD, to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for hormone replacement therapy. The appointment will include a teleconference with an attending physician and a registered nurse practitioner and consultation with a compounding pharmacist from Hunter’s Pharmacy.
  2. MedviewMD attending physician will review the pharmacist’s recommendation for compounded bio-identical hormones and order any lab tests needed to complete the assessment.
  3. A prescription for bio-identical hormones, tailored to the individual needs of the patient will be issued to the pharmacy to compound.
  4. Follow up will be conducted by MedviewMD for lab work results or adjustments/additions to the hormone therapy based on patient’s symptoms.

In collaboration with MedviewMD we can now provide a full service solution to our patients from initial assessment, formulation of hormones and subsequent follow up, all from the same convenient location.

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